Machine keeps traveling to the right

CORRECTED The machine keeps traveling to the left and running into the guard rail.

And the start position after setting it up is off about an inch to the left.

How do I get it back on track?

Are you talking when you hit carve it goes clear over to the right side or something else?

Yes, that’s what’s it’s doing.

Sorry, It’s actually traveling to the left, on the controller side.

Sounds like you may have something in the file. Can you share the file here so we can take a look?

If there is something sitting on the outside of the work table, would that make it move to the side. Because I did have a piece of artwork, of the side of the drawing table.

I removed it now and will try to cut it again, after I redo the setup again.

Haha, I zoomed out and seen I had several pieces of artwork laying on the side.

Yes if there is something outside the work area it is going to go for it.

Yep, that’s what it was.

I’m going to have to remember that, I was going crazy because I’ve already cut this file before, so I thought I was losing my mind!

Thank you!

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A quick check is pressing CTRL+A which will select all objects within the project :slight_smile:

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