Machine moves by its self when spindle is on

so i came back from a long buisness trip and started fooling around with the xcarve again while i wait for my Makita mount to arrive. and ive noticed when i turn the spindle on the machine moves by its self. only a step or two at a time so its really small but no job running, spindle off, lights are on, spindle on, lights flicker indicating movement. this is cauzing my Z axis to drift up ruining my jobs. :frowning:

Call or E-mail I believe the name. They will run short questionnaire, I think you have 24V Stock Spindle. They will give you couple alternatives for replacement.

It is a Transformer and it is trying to take over the world. Run.


Thanks @AlanDavis will do.

Gave them a call. This is a text book example of a bad spindle from batch 1. I preordered mine so I have one of the v1 batch. Getting a spindle mount. Already got a new router for it. I was going to cut out my mount using the default spindle but since it croaked just going to get one from the home team. Thanks for the suggestion @AlanDavis
Inventables customer service is great. Got me sorted fast.

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I’m glad you capture problem on time. What kind of router you’ll install.

i purchased a Makita 701c. i found it on sale for 89 at home depot. :slight_smile: same specifications as the dewalt 601. i’ll have to shim the dewalt mount to fit the makita securily but i have a custom mount i designed that will be in route soon

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Good decision.

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