Machine not carving right

Can anyone tell me why my machine is not cutting where it shows in easel? I can try and cut a star and it will go way off of my material. Or it will cut on it and the cut will be way to big for the material. I’m new to all of this and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. TIA

Hi Tabitha,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community! I am sorry you are having trouble with your carves.

Can you share a bit more information on this thread including a public link to the Easel Project, the size of the material you are using, where your starting point is for the carve, even a brief video and/or pictures.

We can then hopefully help get the issue figured out or help point you to some other support threads and info on the forum that will solve the problem for you.

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I am just trying to carve a B with a Lavanderia font. I’ve also tried carving a star out of the shapes. I have a video of what its doing as soon as I can get it to upload. Where the router is at in the one picture is where my home position is. I didn’t put a bit on it because I’ve already broken two of them just from not cutting where it was suppose to.

I can’t get the video to upload?!

Do you understand machine vs work home positions?

Afraid not :confused:

In easel check your sizes on the machine tab that you can change what machine size you have. Maybe a glitch happen and it’s thinking it’s much larger of a model that it’s trying to carve. Just weird it’s going over that much if you have something designed to that model size you want. Also it doesn’t sound smooth when it was moving that fast. Maybe it’s needing adjustment on the controller but I have a older x carve so I’m not sure with the x controller if that’s what you have. Hopefully you can get it fixed and it’s probably something simple. Somethings it seems like a pain in the butt but once you get it squared away it’s really nice learning how the machine works and what to hear/look for.

I think there is a microstepping issue going on.
The rough sound appear to me as if you are at 1/1 or 1/2step.
One quick test to perform is to click Carve, jog left/right say 5" and measure the actual travel.

If you have the Xcontroller microstepping is set by dip switches,
See this link, installing controlleer board -

Take a pic of the PCB with the switches so we can see if they are correct or need changing.

Look up the all knowing Phil’s documents and find the video in work vs machine home. It’s a great start.


mine is the 1000

So my switches were not right I did change them and it is cutting where it’s suppose to be now as far as not moving way to the other side of the waste board but not this is what its doing.