Machine not cutting perfectly aligned squares

HI Gents,

I’m picking up some issues with my X carve not cutting perfect little squares. I recently bought a small laser engraver and is busy cutting a waste board for it, but my results are somewhat disturbing.

I have checked the accuracy of the movement of my machine with the Vernier and 200mm left and right movement and its perfect.

I have double checked the G-codes and they are 10mm increments as required. I have the x-axis stiffner pieces in, thus i have very little if any deflection in my X carve.

What can this be? What am i Missing?

I drew the waste board in Sketch-up - just for interest sake.

Try doing a group of squares in easel, just to make sure you don’t have issues w\ the imported file.

If it still persists you look like you are missing steps

HI Darryl,

Thanks i’ll try that.

Any advise to resolve those 2x problems?

I’m not a sketchup expert, but the grid looks pretty straightforward to replicate in Easel. Have you tried opening the file (assuming SVG) and zooming in to make sure the lines are perpendicular / parallel.

As for missing steps, check the pulleys, grub screws (if not press fit), belt tension.


I will check these suggestions. Much appreciated.

Curious question,

If the lines are not parallel, would the Gcodes not change? They are all within the 10mm increments.

HI Darryl,

I have now cut the sample squares with Easel. Seems fine.

Sorry for the mark in the one, looks like a little birdy got into my wood store.

The second picture was me drawing straight lines and the first pic were individual squares.

Bottom and right side seem to step, every other square.

Are you cutting some on path and others outside? looks like it might just be cut settings in Easel.

Clearly better than the file you were using, there must have been some problems with that file.

HI Darryll,

I was cutting on the path. Looks like it could be the file i used.

HI Robert,

I just drew that one with the steps roughly in Easel to see the effect of the line cutting instead of individual squares.

Which programs do you guys use to draw and machine with? I really struggle to get a SVG to import into easel, that’s the reason i use Universal Gcode sender. I used Universal GCode Sender with my first attempt and it was a stuff up.

I use VCarve and send GCode with Easel.

Vcarve Pro and Universal GCode Sender…

I am betting you overlapped the squares and it caused the issues since lines worked

Have looked at getting VCarve but cant justify spending that money on a program for the amount of machining I do.

Any other program that wont cause me to sell an organ on the black market?

Fusion 360 is free to hobbyists. You could use Inkscape to design, save as an SVG and then set up the cut info in Easel.