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Machine not moving from start point

No matter the shape or design, carving begins at or very near the start position and then carves out a neat little circle complete with pocket clearing. I’ve tried BIG shapes and small and now have a nice collection of… neat little circles.
The 3018 jogs fine, spindles runs great, material makes no difference, bit size/type makes no difference, neat little - as in tiny - circles is what I get.

Oh, if I try the same exercise with a another software, the spindle follows the toolpath but about 3mm above the workpiece!

Are you saying no matter what design you load up it just cuts a circle out?

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maybe you can share the easel project that creates the carve you first described… In easel go to project>share and change it from private to unlisted, copy the link and post that link over here…

Regarding carving in air, are those other programs using top of workpiece as the z zero or top of wasteboard? typically a perfect in air carve is a result of setting the design to zero to wasteboard, but zeroing to the top of the workpiece when it’s time to carve


No access just now, I’ll post an example tomorrow

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I just re-read this and have a couple questions to add. What model 3018 is this? If It’s the PROVer version, is it a Mach3 controller by chance?

What is the other software? (I’m assuming its another tool pathing software)
and if it is another gcode generating software what program is used to send the gocdes? (both the Easel created one and the other software created one)

Here you go, last, simple effort

It’s a 3018 Pro - allegedly. I think it an Ebay special.

K, file looks fine.

How about this.

Mainly UGS. I prefer to send direct from Easel though

I would check out James Dean Designs on YouTube he’s got a good series on the 3018 and uses ugs…

There is nothing wrong with the easel project file it generates out fine i sent it my workbee and 3018 to run in air through easel, ugs and openbuilds and they created the correct size/ shape path… however the feeds and depth per pass are pushing it for a 3018. I would reduce the depth per pass by 70%, the feed by 20% and the plunge rate by 50% and try it again.
Excessive cut settings can result in lost steps, Changing the shape of the actual carve and could change this oval to basically a spiral toolpath.

And my thoughts on why its running in air in ugs, I don’t mean to offend, but this typically occurs when z zero is not set correctly, if probing possibly the thickness is too large in ugs vs actual size, this would set the z zero artificially higher than it should be :man_shrugging:
Or if your zeroing with paper then the “set zero” button maybe wasn’t pressed, IF this is the case, then it wouldn’t be the first 3018 ive seen running in air this week because the operator forgot to actuator hit set zero button :see_no_evil:
One more theory (that doesn’t seem to fit if the UGS air carve was actually the right size) is that the grbl settings aren’t right. Specifically the x and y calibration: $100 & $101 so you may want to verify all grbl settings to the 3018 defaults.

You sir, are a gentleman of the highest order! Thanks for taking the time to help. Beginners errors and that wretched, unpressed button cure a world of woes. Thank you again and respect.

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I have exactly the same problem. Anyone got a suggestion? One Vanilla

If your not finding a solution in the forums feel free to reach out directly to our support at!

The answer’s given above already.
I used UGS software machine wizard to get my axis settings right and followed the advice on setting a home/start point.

I would check out James Dean Designs on YouTube he’s got a good series on the 3018

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