Machine not working

I purchased the CNC 3018 PRO. I fitted it all together and have checked everything many times. I have eventually connected the machine to easel, but nothing works. It will not move and it makes a loud sound when it tries. Please can someone help this was a birthday present from my husband.

With things off, you should be able to fairly easily move it along on its x and y axis with light finger pressure. Can you?

Also note to do this slowly and not too far as pushing it around like that can backfeed current and cause damage.

This could tell us if it’s in a bind because of something too tight, etc.

yes the x and y move easily.

Loud “grinding” sound?
What are your current GRBL parameters?

yes a loud grinding sound. No parameters as this is just trying to do set up through Easel. Also on candle software that came with product it shows an alarm in red and will not move any direction.

If you set it up using Easel the GRBL parameters will be incorrect for your 3018PRO and that will cause issues, both motion and scaling issues.
Its easily rectifiable though but require you to edit the appropriate GRBL parameters manually.

Regarding Candle and starting up in an alarm state - if GRBL parameter $22=1 for instance homing is enabled and the alarm state is default and cleared when a homing cycle is performed.
The homing cycle sync machine space to model space.