Machine set up issue

Do I need to run a machine set up every time I log into Easel. My problem is it might take me 20 minutes to get Machine set up to connect or recognize my x controller. I even have a green light and can carve but its like all my previous saved settings are no longer saved. So when I get to the option of the z probe its gone and I have to go back to Machine set up and the 20 plus minutes of trying to get it to run. Even with a green light connection.

No you should not be required to set up the machine every time.

Something is causing a whipe out or something, hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in as I dont know more myself.

I think Easel uses cookies.
Some of the settings are saved in browser history.

Im a new X-Carve owner and Easel user. And I have this problem as well. I see no one has addressed this since January. So is it just a cookie problem?
I have Lightburn as well and the set up with that was under 5 minutes and the connection was immediate. Im not 100% sure how to run the machine using Lightburn or if its feasible.

Your setup should be saved and you should not have to set it up everytime you turn easel on. Lightburn is a laser only program. It will control your machine but it is made for an add on laser and will not control your z axes.

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So there are 2+1issues potentially. First make sure after setup that the machine settings “took”, I.e. in the machine inspector does it actually change settings? Then there is the cookie issue where easel doesn’t remember it already set up; or there is something catastrophically wrong with the controller and it is wiping itself for some reason.

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Thanks for the replies gentlemen… I checked what you mentioned about the cookies and that seemed to have rectified the issue.