Machine set up question

When setting up the x carve, the first value asked for is the work area. I have the 1000 mm x carve and I’m not sure what the size should be. Is it the actual machine size of 1000 mm or the reachable area? Secondly, if the reachable area, what might that number be. Just wanted to make sure I have the right measurement entered from the get go. Any advice truly appreciated.

You’re overthinking it. It’s just trying to find out if you have the 500, 750, or 1000mm X-Carve. Say 1000.

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The initial value is machine size, 1000 / 750 or 500.

To add:
If you have homing switches installed and intend to use soft limits, then these reachable values numbers have purpose - as long as $20=0 (Soft limit disabled) they can be anything.

If $20=1 then these numbers should be reachable distance from homing position, usually 220mm less than X/Y axis.

So for a:
1000x1000 machine $130=780 and $131=780 (or there abouts)
750x750 machine $130=530 and $131=530 (or there abouts)
These values can be changed at any time.

Thanks again for the help. I have run two, very basic, cut files so far and both cut perfect.