Machine setup options blocked?

The option to probe on a carve vanished recently, so I went to set up the machine again to get it back. There’s a graphical glitch of some kind that won’t let me see the lower portion of the options or scroll down:

Anyone have any ideas on how I can make this box go away so I can setup the machine again?


Changed browsers and the problem went away.

am i to late to help :disappointed_relieved:? lol

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But I was going to suggest ctrl-mouse wheel to change the zoom level.

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Appreciate the response guys!

Hi Shane,

Were you using Opera? We will take a look at that display issue. Keep in mind that machine settings are currently stored in the browser. So whichever browser you use to save the settings is the one you need to use to carve. We know this isn’t ideal. It’s something we would like to improve.

I was in fact using Opera. :slight_smile: