Machine Size

Hi All,

My math skills, as poor as they are, are failing me completely. I want to size the machine for a 24" x 31" cutting surface. I get that the 1000mm rails will give me the 31", but what size rails will give me the 24" cutting area? I’m really looking for two measurements here… The length of rail I need for a 24" wide cutting area, and the machine width at that point so I can work out a bench for it.



Is there a reason you only want 24" in one direction? Could you not just go with the 1000mm X-carve?

Bigger than I need. I could lose less rigidity (I hope), and save a little bit of small shop space by going with the slightly smaller workspace.

Fair enough, I don’t know how accurate this will be and I would maybe confirm with Inventables before purchasing but you can look at it with a pretty simple equation:

Required Rail Length/Desired Work area = Known Rail Length/Known Work Area

x/24" = 1000mm/31" [solve for x]

x = 774.19mm [use 775mm rails]

Now don’t quote me on that, but that is how I would do it.

The unreachable areas at the edges are determined by the size of the carriage and motor plates, so it’d be a subtraction, not a proportional adjustment. If you want a machine with 7" less travel you’d want your rails on that axis to be 7" shorter.

You’re right @rodovich. You spend all day dealing with complicated engineering problems, you start to over complicate everything!

Dis-regard my previous comment!! Sorry @WilliamARieselbach, see always best to check in with the creators!

Thank you all!

Make sure you post photos! Love seeing modified X-Carves!