Machine stopped working

Hello everyone, i need help bad. I have very basic knowledge on how the x carve really works. i have been able to use easel and do basic carving over the past year. I bout a J tech laser about 8 months ago and installed it but never really had time to figure out exactly how it works. I just did a couple basic burns and stored it until this week. I reconnected the laser and tried to do a burn and it was kinda haywire. the machine moved but the laser never came on. i reset it and then the machine woundnt move and the laser just stays on no matter what when powered on. i decided to abandon that for now and go back to carving. however now my x controller doesnt seem to be talking to my computer or the stepper motors. the motors have not tension at all and move freely by hand even when powered on. and my computer has no control either. please help me.

Did you hit the e stop by accident ?

i have pressed and pulled up the e stop several times now making sure its not the cause.

Also now i know why i had to add the 1 to the end of my name on here. ha

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When you pull it up you also need to give it a twist and lock it.

Yes sir, its up for sure.

Is the light on?

yes, power light is on.

Did you change anything when you hooked the laser up?

not that I’m aware of, just plugged it in. the laser also seems to turn on normal when not conneted to the x controller. but as soon as i connect it to the controller the laser comes on and stays on until i disconnect it.

There is a switch on the laser if moved the wrong way turns the laser on full power for as long as it is on. Have you checked to see if you are conected to the right com port?

i am aware of that switch and have moved it back and forth. when connected to the controller it doesn’t matter where its at it just stays on. when disconnected it seems to function properly. Im not sure on the com port thing.

i have two computers i use to carve a mac and a windows computer. neither are working with it so i figured it was the controller not the computer?

Well i am not sure now. Still sounds to me like the e stop. Getting a little wierd like being in the shop all day and asking myself questions then answering them. :sunglasses:

im pretty confident its not the e stop. i just pushed it again. light goes out and computer makes sound like it was disconnected. I pull it up and light comes back on and computer makes the sound again. I do appreciate you trying to help. Im lost right now.

I could be wrong but i think if the button is up the light will come on but if it is not twisted and locked in you have no functions. But i might be wrong about that to i have never used mine.

mine doesnt twist to lock up. you twist to unlock from being down.

I just did a quick check and looks like when it is not engaged maybe the fan runs but the light is not on. Guess we are going to need more help.

well i sure do appreciate the attempt sir. its driving me crazy

One last idea. Do you have an extra usb cable to try.

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