Machine stops carving after 2% of project

3d clip from vcarve pro9 imported and easel will not complete project

That’s really not a lot of information. Maybe post the GCode so someone can take a look. It is entirely possible that you have the wrong post processor.

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Most likely a USB-issue. Either power management or RF noise somewhere in the USB signal chain.
Since it stop at 2% I assume it is the latter.

Try a powered USB hub (stronger support voltage), try a shielded USB cable, separate signal and power wires etc…
The only real path to solution is by eliminating potensial causes for USB signal drop-out.

I’ve also heard that the 3d clip art might be too complex and choke the processor.

To OP - what is your carve success with a Easel-only file?
Does it stop before completion as well (aka 2%) or does it complete as intended?

I have carved a lot of signs in 2D but when it comes to this 3D it just goes to to 2 to 3% and quits. It doesn’t stop in same spot , I have looked through code and it looks good.
I have made a lot of different signs and small 3DS like an 8 by 8 but this one here measures 12 x 17 quite complex I think you’re on to the right process when you’re saying the processor it just overloads it can handle all this number of lines

I believe that Easel struggles with large Gcode files. Either try to use tiling in Vcarve just to breakup the toolpaths (I think it can be done) or use another sender like UGS.

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I’ve carved many of the VcarvePro clip art with no problem sending the Gcode through Easel some large, some small… never had the described issue… If you can Vcarve and 2D carve with no problem, then I seriously doubt that you have a USB problem…
I would have to ask the same question as @RobertBeattie what Post Processor are you using when you save the file with Pro-9 and which clip-art file are you sending…