Machine stops cutting and spindle stay on mid project computer says completed

Cutting some simple letters in Easel and made it through 6 of them no problem but then it just stopped mid letter spindle stays running and says completed on the screen. The computer does not go to sleep so it is not that. Any ideas? Tried 2 times same issue.

I had an issue like this once, I think it was due to a bad USB connection. Maybe try another port.

I’ve had intermittent issues related to using a USB hub.

I am not using a hub however I did upgrade to a longer usb cable about 3 times longer than the one it came with. I will try going back top the original cable and see if that solves it. Thanks

While I was not using an external hub, I was using the USB ports on the front of my desktop computer which occurred to me is essentially a hub so I plugged into the back still using my long USB cable and so far so good

Nice, this is exactly what I did. sorry I didn’t mention that.