Machine stops mid carve

anyone ever have their maching stop mid carve thinking it was finished?

I try and run a job and the machine stops just a minute or two into the job (33 minute job) and the completion window pops up…like it thinks it has finished. If I run the carve preview in both vectric and easel, it previews a complete carve.

I have:

  1. recalculated/rebuilt the toolpaths

2.restarted the x-carve and the computer

  1. resent it to the machine several times

  2. tried different jobs I know worked previous to today

…still the machine carves just a minute or two and then stops like it has finished.
Anyone had this happen or have any ideas?

Are you using a powered USB hub? This problem is usually due to noise on the USB cable.

Thanx cg —I will try replacing the USB cable

Mine does when I turn on the air compressor while carving. Are you using anything else while carving, perhaps on the same power circuit??

I hope the powered USB hub does the trick, if not have a look here

Keep the RPM of the Dewalt low, speed setting 1 is for the bulk of operation plenty.
Higher RPM = more RF noise = may cause more problems with USB drop-out.

Also - if it worked good before but after a while start to acting up => check the motor brushes of the Dewalt, they arc more when wore down vs new and freshly seated.

Don’t know if you’ve fixed your problem yet. But when I first set up my XCarve I was using an old laptop and it did the same thing that you’re describing. I purchased a new laptop and problem solved. The USB port wasn’t sufficient for the machine.
Good Luck

Thanks for the reply Russ - I changed the USB cord and that fixed it.

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Howdy…same problem… but my cable works fine with my other laptop… only stops when I am using my older Dell. I had it wiped… and windows 7 installed. The Dell has a SSD and 4 gigs of ram. It is all cleaned up… checked to make sure the sleep mode is off… but it is still doing it. How does a powered USB hub work… and how can this help.
Thanks… Chuck

In broad terms, a powered USB hub may provide better filtering / resistance agaist RF noise.

Thank you… this is my next thing to try…

Should start a dedicated forum for this.

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Should start a dedicated forum for this.

Indeed. I recommend you reading the thread Travis linked, in my opinion everything is listed there (but I might not be objective, since there is my list linked as well :wink: )