Machine stops when using tabs

This didn´t happened before, I´m trying to carve a letter fomr an SVG file made in Illustrator CC, but the machine stops abruptly and then I change the Tabs settings and try it again and it completes the carve. The problem is that I do need tabs. This is comething that I have done a lot previously with no problems, I didn´t use the machine for two weeks and then this started happening, I was prompted for a Driver update. Has this happened to someone else?

I haven’t seen this yet. Just so I understand a bit better, the machine cuts until it get to the tabs level and stops at the first one? And then will not continue?

Thanks for replying. it can go several passes and then it just stops. Actually sometimes it finishes a part of the carve including tabs, maybe the inside of an outlined letter, but when it moves to the other part it randomly stops. If I cancel the carve and send it again without tabs or vhanging the number of tabs it works.

Hello, I created a new file in inkscape but the problem continues. I´m attaching some photos it stops exactly at the tab.

Hi Rodrigo,

Could you paste the link to your project (you don’t have to share your project publicly if you don’t want to)? If you click “Show toolpaths” and hide the material and zoom in, can you tell if all of the toolpaths are being shown correctly?


Here{s the link:


Hi Rodrigo,

By looking at the project (seems you’ve changed the project, I checked earlier version too), I didn’t find any issues in toolpath generation.

Do you experience the problem still?

If so, just to rule out Easel issues, when that happens, could you restart carving without changing tabs (or anything) in easel? Once we do that, we could isolate the issue well, in order to solve that.


Hi Rodrigo,

Could you also check whether this happens only during z travel? (that explains why it stops next to tabs)

Thank you