Machine stops

I am using an Openbuilds 1510 with Easel software The software is absolutely brilliant and the support from Inventables is first class. I have however 2 problems so far.

Firstly 3/4 through the cut the machine stops for no apparent reason. USB is still connected, internet is constant.

Secondly the cut on some letters (text) is not correct as the first pass is off track compared to the others. Can anyone help please?
6 June Please see attached image.

what is your depth of cut feeds and speeds, not familiar with the machine but is everything good and snug?

First issue - probably USB drop-out either due to USB-port power management or RF-noise picked up by the USB.

Second issue - you have lost steps along the way causing a shift in the design. This can be mechanical (check all pulleys/belts/set screws etc) or lack of power (cutting forces exceed what the steppers are capable of delivering)

Hi Steve

Thanks for your interest.

Feed Rate 1016 mm/min
Plunge Rate 228.6 mm/min
Depth per Pass 1.6 mm

I’m using a 6 mm bit cutting to a depth of 11 mm

This is an auto setting from Easel.

I really appreciate you help.

Philip Browne
United Kingdom

Easel is pretty conservative with the settings make sure everything is snug and nothing slipped at some point causing you to be off track.

Thanks Steve. Duly noted. In fact I have noticed now that the corner brackets that hold the router assembly onto the gantry may have been the problem. What concerns me more than anything else is why the the job I was trying to create stopped 3/4 of the way through without any reason? Can you advise anything in this regard please?


I have never had that happen, a lot of posts with the same issue claim it o be grounded dust collection, lighting, CNC on a separate circuit than the shop vac or other tools, I believe once the tool paths are written and the carve starts it wont be affected if you loose the internet connection. I recently added a powered USB port seems to help get my connection faster. I used to have had trouble occasionally when I plug into my laptop getting the green carve button. Hope the suggestions help. Steve

Most likely something interrupted the USB-connection causing it to drop out for a split second. It could be the USP port power management (power management for your computer) or something causing RF-noise in proximity of your machine/USB cable.

Hi Philip, I have had my X Carve stop in the middle of a carve. I am not sure what the cause was but it seemed to occur when the screen saver started on my lap top. Since then, I set my preferences to not sleep while carving and use the power cord (not battery) for my lap top. Seems to work