"machine" tab in Easel

when I used to click on the “machine” tab.
At the bottom, of the window would click on “advanced”
then would see an option to “Generate g-code”
Then an option to “Export g-code”

Now when clicking on “machine” tab, shows "general settings: then “export GCode”.

Is this a change. If so, do I need to download any updates.

Have a Sainsmart 3018 and using free version of Easel…

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Na, you can still export or generate gcode . it’s in the drop down under projects.

you might benefit from reading through the Help>Tools and Features to see info on most of the recent changes

AND IF you have 2 bits it will look a little different, you can download both files together in a ZIP (yellow arrow) or Download each file separately (red arrows)

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