Machine Test Failure

I have had my 750 working for a week or so without problems. Suddenly the z probe icon didn’t show up. Then one of the servos chattered. I replaced all the extension cables, usb cables and hub, uploaded firmware, re installed easel. Bypassed the usb port on the controller. The chattering has stopped. The machine will home but z probe still not appearing. will not raise the bit and then freezes. Doing the machine setup fails to move the x y and z. any ideas.

I experienced the z probe not being recognized at first during the x carve set up procedure. I rechecked my wires on the back of the x controller and made sure the bit was conductive. Make sure the plug is making a good solid connection in the jack and that the clamp is on the collet nut. Go through the set up procedure and see if the “light” goes on when you touch the probe to the bit.

I have checked all the wires and they seem okay. It seems weird that I can carve a piece but still cannot pass the wire test

I have the same issues