Machine will not stay linked

hello everyone.

I recently upgraded from a 500 to a 1000. On my 500, i had a powered USB port as everyone told me on here to get with helping the machine stay connected. I recently started having the problem of the connection between the computer and the machine going away mid cut again. I have been able to make 1.5 hour cuts before with no problems ever sense i got the new one build about a month ago. My computer is recognizing the USB adapter and in the properties it says its connected and working. I have turned off sleep more on my computer as well. I have no clue what it could be. Also, anytime I go to use my machine, I have to run the Easel setup. Do the settings not save? I’m just wondering if that is normal. the powered USB hub I am using is from Radio Shack. Not sure if I need to buy a better one or what the deal is but it is getting very frustrating spending decent money on wood from woodcraft and taking the time to prep everything only to have it jacked up because my machine wont finish the cut.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

I am running an Xcontroller.

Some of the x-controllers have been having USB issues. Contact inventables support and see if that may be the issue.

try to use a higher quality hub.
Radio shack sells lesser quality ones.
Also be aware that some powered hubs are not very good for this. I have had them die on me for no apparent reason.
Could be the ratings.

I just had to replace the USB cable that came with the X-Controller with one that had a ferrite core/choke on each end. That fixed the problem for me.

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What brand did you use? I might give that a try.

Here’s the one I got. You’ll probably want something longer though.

thank you for the quick reply