Machine won't jog at all!

Hi There! I have a 30x30 and I love it! I’ve made several projects and have been very happy…BUT… 2 days ago a made a project in Easel and everything went very smoothly. That night, since I also have g-sender, i saw there was an update available…so i performed the update. Yesterday, I attempted to start a new project, but the machine won’t jog! Not at all. Not on X, Y, or Z . It sounds like it wants to…there’s kind of a metallic “clunk” sound - like the gantry or spindle is hitting something or blocked. But everything is clear. Also, Easel alerts me prior to jogging that homing must be unlocked prior to jogging - it never used to say that. So i push the button to unlock it, and it still won’t job. Very frustrating. Any ideas? Thanks!

Can you manually move toward the center a little (just like 4" up and 4" right) and then repeat the homing procedure.

If this does not fix the issue, did it move at all?

Which G-Code Sender are you using? If this is Universal Gcode Sender, I’ve heard that people had it revert their grbl settings to the grbl defaults (not your machines defaults) if they had the cnc plugged in via usb during that update.

Can you share the grbl settings?

Here are the X-Carve defaults (modify your $130 & $131 for your machines actual work area.

Thanks for all the suggestions, y’all! I finally uninstalled g-sender, reinstalled it and went to settings to revert everything back to factory settings. It worked perfectly. Thanks again!

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