Machine won't move after Z probing from a file

Hello, I use my X-carve daily at work. I grew tired of probing the tools through a terminal, so I wrote a Z axis probing program to send to GRBL:


The tool gets set just fine, but anything coded after the G10 command comes back “ok” but no motion is produced.

If I restart the terminal or run another program, the machine works fine.

Is there some code I need to clear something or re-enable the motors?

I know there is a way!!


Why do you have multiple “$H” commands in the file?

I’m not sure why you have G4 commands in there either, they seem unnecessary.

You should be able to get by with just:


Try that and see what happens.

Also, be careful with the G10. You have to wait for the “ok” from the G10 comes back before you send additional commands…it’s a GRBL and EEPROM thing.


I home the machine before probing (since I have limit switches) and it is a good place to probe at in X,Y. The second home is just to get the Z up out of the way. The machine still doesn’t move after the G10 command in the example you provided. I am using to send the code, I belive that it waits for the “ok” before sending, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

I’ve tried G28 and G30 since I have those locations set, still nothing seems to make the machine move except a restarted terminal session.


Do you have soft limits active?

I don’t have soft limits activated.

If your homing switch is less precise than your Z probe, which is likely the case, then you are throwing away probe precision by rehoming after probing.

Just use G53 G0 Z0 or similar to move the Z axis back up at the end.

Then I would find a way to make sure that your sending program does actually wait for the response to a command before you send the next one.

If I enter your commands by hand, they work on my machine.

Larry, I find the same success issuing commands manually. That is why I was confused about streaming the command in programs. There is a note in the GRBL wiki -known bugs- about G10 taking a bit of time to store things. I wouldn’t have called it a bug if it was just a limitation, but it does appear to be a bug since it gives an “ok” in the executed gcodes following it… I am 99% sure that the probe height was updated, and 100% sure that the rest of the program stopped executing physically while falsely showed “ok” after each command afterwards while nothing happened.

I will have to chock it up to G10 taking a few ms to store in EEPROM.

I will gladly compromise my wishes with reality, it will be really nice to hit a button on my raspberry pi and probe, another button to set XY zeros. Tired of typing, and I’m not an Easel user!!!

Thanks to everyone for their input!

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Here is my solution to the probing problem.

My bad, here is a re post:

I didn’t have time to tinker around, I forced the Gcode streaming script “” to pause for a second between lines. It did however turn out that I had a soft limit alarm, so I disabled limits in my gcode program, probed, stored, re-enabled limits, got safely away, and sent the tool down to check function. Works like a charm!

It runs with a push of a button on a Raspberry Pi.