Maching calibration

So I’m now a bit confused.
It’s been a few years since I calibrated my machine.
X and Y seem to be good.
But when I check the Z, my math comes up with a setting $102=40.067
But I’m currently set at $102=188.976
I’m very reluctant to make that change.
What is it that I’m missing??

What were the numbers you got when you jogged and measured @JanVanderlinden ?

Whats your math?

I just realized what i did wrong.
I didn’t use my current setting in the calculation.
Its now coming back as $120=189.291
Sorry to have bothered everyone.
Kind of red faced right now: :roll_eyes:

Edit, That is $102=189.291
My dyslexia is setting in.
Jesus…now I’m even more red faced…:astonished:


Jan, you have a lot of company. :grin:

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