Macro to Return to XY Zero only--Not Z

I searched for this thinking surely somebody’s done it before me. Sorry if I missed the thread. I’m using UGS. I am often switching bits from a short one to a long one, at which point I need it to return to working Zero. But if I hit the UGS “Return to Zero” button it will try to zero Z as well, and with the longer bit that is asking for trouble.

I know that I can go anywhere on the worksurface, use my Z-probe, set Z zero only, and then Return to Zero. What I would rather do is use a macro to return to XY zero without having it try to drop to Z zero (and try to push the bit through the stock in the process), and then use the Z probe there.

In time I will learn gcode and be able to write this macro. In the meantime, has anyone else already written it? A macro that sends the spindle to XY zero without Z zero.

Not that I’ve seen. There’s a reset for each axis, but not return. This is v 2, March 13th build. There is a macro in it that I didn’t put there: G91 X0 Y0;
I thought that must be what I’m looking for, but clicking its macro button does nothing.

What are you using?

That is relative addressing, so basically a NOP (no operation).

G90 G0 X0 Y0 would take you to Work Zero for X and Y without moving Z.

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