Madame Leota - Carve 4

So this is day 3 of being up and running with the new X-Carve. Also my 4th carve that I set up and ran.

Numbers one was the obligatory sign w/ names and graphics.

Number two was a sign… failed, broke bit… learned why… made notes.

Number three was my first project designed in Fusion 360 and G-Code sent over - went awesome except for the tool change(s) that never happened… learned… made notes.

Number four…I wanted a big project and wanted to add up a couple of learnings so I cut down some 1/8” hobby board into a 2’ x 2’ workpiece and went to town…


Looks like you are going to go a long way with your machine. Nice work it looks good.

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looks good!

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Welcome, looks great for only three day. I’ve learned the learning and note making is a constant but also part of the fun.

Excellent. You are learning fast