Made a mistake now Z Axis started flipping directions

Made a mistake, the settings were on mm last night and closed out and came back this morning and thought it was on mm but it was on inches so I clicked the Z axis button to manually adjust and it started traveling down 10 inches till it hit the bit and I quickly pulled the plug.

Now when I try to manual Z up or down it goes in one direction and then after another couple manual clicks it travels in the opposite direction.

I tried to home again but it only traveled partway up on the z axis and then before it got to the limit switch it traveled down. Now I cant get it back to the limit switch.

I tried rebooting, unplugged the power supply, took the belt off and let it run on home thinking it would reset but to no avail.

In the video below I am only clicking the UP button manually but you can see it keeps reversing direction.

Help appreciated!

It was working perfectly prior to this and it is only been in use for 1 month. I have been cutting aluminum but kept cleaning the particles so I double checked to make sure and there is nothing with the wiring, it only started happening after it hit the deck.

Does the gshield automatically recalibrate when it runs into an obstacle?

When you setup machine on initial Machine Setup in Easel, if you flipped up and down movement manually it is more likely will return back to default by any high current force.
Go ahead run your machine setup one more time and flip your Z axis back again.
(OR… switch your wires as instructed on installation instruction.)

Phil, yes I did double check, that

Alan, here is what it does. It wont get back to the limiter switch, after that it just hangs indefinitely. I also tried reversing the direction in the setup.

So I am wondering if it the motor? But from the video it seems plenty strong when it bottoms out. ???

Edit, after trying homing several times I got it traveling higher but it cant get to the top on it’s own power. (It stops and the motor just vibrates) I assisted it by hand and it got to the top but it wont home even when it hits the limiter switch. I am starting to think it is the motor.

I only can think of G-Shield. Seems like you cooked z axis chip. You may want to check output voltage and visually inspect chips for discoloration.

I am ordering replacements for both. Thanks all!

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Well parts came in and it turned out to be a bizarre coincidence. Turns out the Z axis wire must have worked it way loose. I went to put in the new gshield and saw it loose tightened it and away we go!

So yes it did bottom out on the Z but what must have happened is when I pulled the power supply plug to stop it from continuing to bottom out I must have loosened the Z wire from the gshield , that was it.

Thanks for the replies

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@ANGUSMCLEOD Very true, in this case however as I said it was actually that one of the wires came off of the gshield that controls the Z axis tightened it back up and it is back to normal now

My XCarve is doing the same thing with the Z-axis and flipping directions every couple clicks on the jog in either direction. I just built and tried to setup my machine. it also only homes the z-axis and not the x or y

I found the issue. it was a bad (green wire) connection on my z-axis phoenix connector causing it to flip on me. Fixed wire and unit runs normal as of right now. Real test will be after Christmas when my son and I cut our logo