Madness in the extreme?

Hey @JeremyHanks - I guess I have not been paying close enough attention to these forums - what happened exactly?


Admins apparently had some unruly forum members which led to banning of some and deletion of all of their posts. Many of the old timers have been disenfranchised and have either been forced away or have turned away due to recent events.

There’s still a lot of good help here, but much of what has been learned and shared over the years is now fragmented and will be of little use.

With some of the more seasoned folks leaving, it could be a good thing for newcomers as this group mentioned was pretty hard on newcomers if any inquiry had even the slightest similarity to something said somewhere in the forum sometime in the past and they didn’t search before asking. My biggest concern is now the hundreds and maybe even thousands of posts that wont make sense now the so many users posts have been purged.

It’s kind if a mess and I hope some positive and helpful creativity can take hold once again. This place was like a second home for many, but it’s going to take some work the get it back to that.

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If you’re aware of any information which is not on the Shapeoko wiki, I’d be glad of being informed of it so that it could be added.