Magazine Rack

This is my second product design for my X-Carve. Not liking the look of magazines just laying around all over the place, I decided to design and make a simple and functional magazine rack. This magazine rack measures roughly 16.5" in length, 12" in height and 8" in width.

This design affords 4 surfaces for high personalization and customization, and 2 for branding or “Easter Eggs” placement. After a couple of sketches using Easel, I decided on 1/2" plywood but first I wanted to make a prototype to ensure my design translated well into fit and function. For the prototype I used a pre-cut 2’ x 2’ x 1/2" MDF from Home Depot. The 2’ x 2’ Fine Plywood pre-cuts are available on order from HD at reasonable prices.

I’m thinking now of all the things that can be created from a 2’ x 2’ board and with minimum waste.

How about a 2’ x 2’ X-Carve challenge? What do you think?

For Easel access, project details and instructions go to You can also visit my blog at

Looking forward to your feedback.


That looks fantastic.

Just a thought, if you could also angle the ends a little you could stack one inside another. That might be advantageous for the person taking a whole batch of these to sell at a craft show.

Thank you, Harry. Good idea! I’ll play with the design when I get a chance after the holidays and see if I can angle the ends so it can be stacked. If I’m successful building a prototype, I’ll post an update.

Parts with different carvings/engravings/colors/stains could also be made in advance, then mixed/matched and assembled at a craft show to the buyers satisfaction.