Magnifying Glass Zoom and other simple requests

Hi All,

Easel is a fantastic piece of software and incredibly easy to use. I really like it. Here are a few suggestions for 2.0 consideration…

  • A Panning Magnifying Glass for Zoom In / Out - the current +/- zoom feature is clumsy

  • Group / Un-Group feature

  • Change the current Boundary Box Selection tool to only select the FULL elements inside of the box - Shift Select to add any other elements.

  • Saved files in Alphabetical Order

  • Create Folders within Save

Great Software… Keep up the awesome work!


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I 100% agree on the “Search Files” feature. That’s a good one.

I would like to be able to change the “Nudge” distance and I would LOVE to have “Layers” also.

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The “Nudge” is the distance a design element moves when using the arrow keys on the keyboard. I believe right now it’s set at .01 by default with no way of changing the distance that I know of.

Shortcut keys would be on my wishlist too.

Yeah… That does makes better sense. I agree.

Agreed. Ideally though there would be multiple ways for users to sort… (alpha, date, favorites, etc).

Folders by project/date would likely take care of most of those issues…