Major mid-cut alignment issues

This is obviously way misaligned, I was going for a specific design element but have to scrap the whole project.

Here is my toolpath to show it wasn’t supposed to look like that at all.

Any ideas?

Check all your eccentric nuts and v-wheels to make sure they are not loose.

(scotty’s voice) “I think she needs a wee bit more power captain!”

Have you bumped up the pots on your y axis yet?

Same issues here Jonathan , one job goes well … next job takes off mid or late into the run. Not home now but going to check & recheck everything thoughly. Have been hesitating to fool with adjusting voltage but that may be the next step. Material is expensive now a days.

Yep, that looks like you need to turn up the voltage on your Y axis a bit. I turned mine clockwise another 45 degrees. I’ve run my machine in my garage in Texas for hours at a time, and the Y motors barely get warm.

Thanks for the responses, I’ll double check the tightness of everything and adjust the pots. I guess before I can try again I’m going to be resurfacing my entire piece… I can’t wait until my 1/4 collet arrives, using a 1/8 bit is going to take forever. I’ll probably go use my friend’s planer