Make project "read only"

If we could make our projects “read only” like you can make a file “read only” so it can’t be changed in Windows Explorer it would help to keep the files from being inadvertently changed. I often forget to make a copy of a project and then find that I have changed something I did not mean to. That’s fine if I’m still working on it and can undo the changes. If, however, I have closed the project and come back to it later I can’t undo the changes.


I was just about to make a new thread asking for the same feature. The new features allowing the grouping by project is very welcome. I have been organizing my various projects using this method. One trick for me was to create a workpiece that contains just text, which is not intended to be actually carved, but hold notes to myself about the project.

Most of my work involves using the same design over and over, so the ability to mark a given workpiece as read only would be most welcome. The read-only could be at the project level instead, if that was easier. Another alternative would be to add the option to open the project in read-only mode, or once open to click a checkbox to indicate changes would not be allowed.

In all cases, the read-only status needs to be able to be changeable.

Just to add to this, I also wanted a way to pin shapes, and noticed that the feature wasn’t enabled by default, if you choose to use it, make sure to go to machine/advanced and make sure its ticked.

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Lock feature? Sorry, I don’t have any idea how to use this!