Make the Cut/Shape box moveable or scrollable

I don’t know if it is my setup or not, but I use a surface pro to run the X-carve and I do most of my design work on my main computer on my other pc. My problem is when that the tabs options at the bottom of the cut box is so low on the screen I have no way of accessing it on the surface pro because the screen is quite small. even if I could scroll down or something. I know I’m probably in the minority but it’s a little annoying having to run up stairs to change tab options, then back downstairs to finish with what I was doing.

Thanks guys!

Maybe your screen resolution needs to be changed. Can you change it on a surface pro? Does this run windows?

I have the same problem. It’s not a new. I use a Dell 13" laptop hybrid with Windows 10. Can’t scroll to the bottom to select some settings such as Walnut for a material type. Changing the screen resolution doesn’t work. You have to change the zoom settings on the browser. My small screen is not very usable for design work unless I am running about 125% zoom. Have to bring that down below 100% to get to some things because of the way Easel scrolls options. Easel is the only site/app that has ever given me a problem.

Similar problem here, the quantity box was always hidden behind my task bar. Set taskbar to autohide as a workaround. Having the cut/shape box further up on the screen would be nice.

Didn’t even know there was a tab quantity box. Now I do. Also when I select Materials the furthest down I can scroll is MDF. The placement of selections on small screens needs a little work.

There’s more materials below the mdf line!! Also were hidden behind my stupid taskbar. Haven’t looked at materials since changing my computer settings. Still even with the hidden taskbar the only way I can see what the materials are is to change my zoom settings. Win 10 thinks I don’t need any zoom setting between 75% and 100%, unless I’m missing something. Wouldn’t be the first time.

This is a feature request I have made but so far no joy. It would be very nice to be able to reposition it where I want, make it easier to use.
Also I would like to be able to center the work area so that I can keep it centered when designing.
Again, no joy.
Please guys, take this some step and add that capability, it would be appreciated.

Have you tried holding down ctrl key, hit + or - to change page (zoom) scale?

The zoom change either with the settings or using the ctrl +/- will allow us to see the selections. The point is that the selection would work better if it were scrollable like every other app/site. This is almost unique to Easel.

Did not know about the control+/- ability, Thanks. It’s hard being an analog man in a digital world.

Just got home to try out the zoom using the Ctrl +/-. It doesn’t work on the selection screens. The layout zooms in and out but the screen zoom is not affected. Weird because that’s how I normally zoom in out web pages. Only selecting the settings zoom in the browser options seems to work.

Hi @BobNevalainen, @rpegg, @AlexMarincas, @DanielAlderman,

Thanks for mentioning these issues with panels going off screen. I’ll look into getting these fixed as soon as possible.

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