Make your Dust Shoe Glide up and down when adjusting!

I get frustrated sometimes adjusting the Dust shoe up and down to the work piece. It always seems to get hung up going up and down in the track,

PROBLEM SOLVED ! I added paraffin wax (clear candle wax) to the tracks and to each leg and now my shoe glides on the track making it much easier to adjust one or both sides. I tried paste wax but paraffin works better and stays longer. I would guess any thick wax like beeswax and such would work too.

Hope this helps a fellow X-Carver !

I stopped contributing in the forum a couple years back, and have never posted any of my many projects I have created for my woodworking because it seemed like every post that anyone made would be scrutinized and judged for the wrong reasons resulting in negativity and bias. It appears that has improved. But If you don’t like my idea, or how or where I posted it, then just ignore it. If you must express your negative dismay or unwelcome advice then send me a private message. Thanks.


Welcome back. Nice idea. I hope that you will contribute more. Thanks


I’ve been a bit annoyed by this very problem. Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to find a cheap candle and see if I can sort mine out.

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Be sure to use a nice scented one.

Sandalwood perhaps?

The wax I use is from Hobby lobby or similar it comes in bars people melt to make candles, But any wax will do as long as it sticks when you rub it on.

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I would go with a cedar sent.

Paraffin wax is a great idea!

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Have not tried the wax trick, appreciate it. Only one question is there any dust build up? I have used silicone spray as dust does not stick to it.

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Hi Wayne, I have not had any dust build up just occasionally a tiny piece of wax might drop down harmlessly. I use silicone spray too, and actually used WD40 Dry lube for this before I tried the wax, but for me the wax works better and lasts a long time. Thanks for the interest ! Happy carving !

Welcome back Don,
I think you will find that most of the trouble makers have moved on.
Thanks for the idea as i have the same problem.
I look forward to more of your input.


The troublemakers are still here in force.
It is the long time users that have moved on with all their knowledge, because of the trouble makers.


100% agree.

I’ve found the biggest help is to take the existing bolt and grind the end flat with a small chamfer. Previously the screw thread had a cup end and would bite the soft aluminum and create indentations.

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Great Idea, gonna try that as well ! Thanks for adding that trick !

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wxon This stuff is the best!

I know this is an older post, but I recently bought the dust shoe and it’s been hanging up too. Thanks for the tip Don