Making 3d images to carve

I am new to this and i am tring to make 3d images to carve. I am having issue finding software that is working with easle. Can any one please piont me in the right way to get this going.

Check out Fusion 360. It is free for hobbyists and small startups. It has a nice 3d modeling suite, and built in CAM tools for converting it to G-Code. Easel has a post processor you can download and use with it.

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do you know of any that work on linux? That is the os that i use the most.

I use Zbrush but what if your wanting to use a simple image and convert it to 3d then you may have to look at Blender or other 3d software that is free if you do not have a budget for others.

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thanks for that the issue that i am having is making them cave-able to use on easel the one that i have found is not letting me import them into easel but it was fast and easy but not usable to me for some reason

I convert them to 3d stl files then load them up in Cut3D and it generates G-code that I use in easel.

what gcode writer do you use that works on easel i cant seem to find one that will work with it

I use V-Carve Desktop

Hey Stephen, are you still using Cut3D? I dont see Vcarve in their post processing. Thanks

Yes I still use it. However I have not opened it in a while.
I will check for this when I get home.