Making a ball or bowl shape

I am trying to make a ball or bowl shape for the base of a ventriloquist figure head,
Think of a capital D on its side, but in 3 dimensions.

See the illustration link below - the part curved attached to the stick.

Thank You

In a 3d program, I would create a sphere and use a cutting plane to split it at the level surface. Then a split a tube surface down the core. In 2d, a series of concentric smaller donut shapes stacked on each other would approximate that. The final shape would require some sanding between levels.

have you looked at the super gradient generator app? Even if you used it and carved it into a rough shape a random orbit sander would clean it up pretty easily

And if used with a round bowl bit the step-downs would act as Z-stepover and the ball will make the surface quite smooth :slight_smile:

Sounds neat!
Will look into that!

I tried using the gradient generator app, but can only get a cone shape
I see numbers like 0,0,1,1 in one line, in the generator, I assume these are a way to set the curve parameters, can anyone help?

Look at this, I just started moving numbers until I got a bowl shape.

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A Big Thank You!!!

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