Making a Simple Napkin Ring

I am trying to make some simple napkin rings in Easel using circle shapes. I figure I need 3 circle shapes. (Inside cut out, Outside cut out and the ring itself) But I can’t seem to fit them all together and center them to make a perfect ring. I am new to Easel, so beyond just messing around, this is my first real project. Can someone out there help me? Thank you so much. KD

Just highlight all 3 circles together then go to edit and at the bottom click center to material. You may need to do them 1 at a time but it will center them then you can move the whole batch at 1 time.

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Waynes method works for sure.

Another option is to create the shapes to the desired sizes, then select them all and use Edit>align horizontal then Edit>align Vertical… there are also buttons at the top that popup when multiple items are selected so you can perform these functions without thing into the Edit menu… these buttons also appear in the right click menu too.


If that’s too complicated for you can click Lego icon and look for this app.
just start with your overall size then offset to your desired smaller sizes as necessary

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