Making a vertical Sign

Just have a quick question, just tyring to figure out if Im making a mistake.

I’m trying to make a vertical “home” sign.
8"w x 46"H

needs to be oriented single letter in a vertical orientatoin


My question is, If I try writting the letters indivdually, they are completely different sizes and proportions to each other.

So i’m just wondering if there is an easier way of doing it and I’m missing it,

Thank you for any help

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Click on the shape feature when you have the letter highlighted and lock the padlock then put in the height you want. You will have to do each letter. Locking the padlock keeps the width deminsion where it should be with the height. image

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I may be wrong but I believe you can type a letter then hit return type the next letter and repeat till you’re done. The return key starts on a new line each time.

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Here’s how you can align them…

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And, here is a quick example project…

Just note that “Tiling” is not enabled on the project.


Brandon Parker


THank you everyone for you quick responses… My question was answered perfectly!


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