Making cuts in specific locations

This has probably been answered before but say I want to put a hole or a small pocket 1/2 inch in from the edge on of my project and I need it to be kind of precise. Is there a function or app that will help me do that?

Hello @Wayneboggs, and welcome to the forum!

Have you been exploring Easel yet? In Easel, you would just add the shape you want, change its size to what is needed, change the cut depth, and place it in the location required. You can set the location based on five data points: Upper-Left, Upper-Right, Lower-Left, Lower-Right, and Center.

Does that help or are you after something different?


Brandon Parker

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I want to know how as part of a project to put multiple holes or shapes In specific locations. Let’s say an undercut or hole at all four corners let’s just say exactly a half inch in from the edges.

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That’s right Wayne, as Brandon was saying once you know where you want the hole positioned you select one of those 5 points and input x,y location next to it. if you want the center of the hole a 1/2" in select the middle bubble and input the x,y location based on the x,y of your piece. if its in from the left bubble and change the x,y based on the 1/2’ distance to the left edge of the hole.

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