Making deck&dice holder for game, brand new to X-Carve, Help

Hello Everyone.

First let me say thank you to anyone and everyone who helps me out on my journey to understanding my new X-Carve Machine.

I just finished building my 1000x1000 machine and calibrated it but then I had to go to work, so I haven’t made my first cut yet! I’m a long time wood worker (still a novice though) and I really wanted to get into the CNC world because I have some great ideas on gifts I can make for people. I was wondering if someone could help me turn something I found for a 3D printer into something my X-Carve would understand.

Backstory (skip this portion if you want to just go to the project help, its the next paragraph)
My close friend, who got me into woodworking, is an avid Star Wars fan and plays a game called “Star Wars Destiny”. Its a deck building game that you roll a lot of dice in. He is worse for wear due to some cancer and other things that aren’t going well for him. I really want to cheer him up and make him something special. I found a great “Deck and Dice” holder on thingaverse that I would LOVE to carve for him on my X-Carve and then spice up with some great inlays and other woodworking tricks. If you can help, as I am completely green with my X-Carve, I would greatly appreciate it.

I want to turn this 3D printing project (minus the star wars logo on the left of the box) into an X-Carve project: Basically a bos that holds dice, cards and some tokens. Can anyone help me converting that into something my X-Carve would understand or is it just as simple as using the X-Carve software and uploading it. I will be making it out of a beautiful piece of 3/4" Walnut. I also plan on adding some in-lay of cherry or purple heart with my friends name on it.

Thank you in advance.

This can be done in easel easily. Start with a square the size of the project. Set the outline for this.
Add squares for the dice on top of your first square. Set the depth to desired depth. These squares will be dark

There are many videos on easel. Play with easel. It is easy to learn. Start here these may help

Make sure you use scrap wood to test cut first. Don’t use your really nice wood