Making Easel More Metric

Is there a way to default everything in Easel to rounded metric values?

For example:

  • Select a shape, box or circle, it always enters the project at 50.4 x 50.4 mm.
  • Select drill. If you copy and paste the drill, it will always land 25.4mm away.
  • And so on, and so on.

Is there a way to rid all these fractions from default settings? So a default box or circle is always 100 x 100mm big, or that a drill will always copy 10mm away? It would be nice not to have to round up / down every single value, every single time.

I would love to know, if indeed it is possible.

Not at the current time, however I went ahead and moved your post to the “feature requests” topic :man_shrugging:

I think it would mean re-coding each of those operations where as the current mm/inch toggle simply applies a conversion factor

Vectric (A Canadian product) isn’t much better. If you enter your workpiece in imperial and then switch from inches to mm, it switches to metric but leaves the values you entered. Thus if you have US dimensional lumber (say 8 inches by 12 inches) you enter that and then switch over to metric, your workpiece is now 8mm by 12mm. It would be handier if it just converted what you entered.

I buy US lumber and run it on a German made CNC that likes metric.

Vectric is actually a UK company. Unfortunately, like Canada, they are officially metric but many industries still default to imperial.

When I change my material from 8x12x1 inches to mm I get equivalent size in mm
Also I can still design in inches.

Which version are you on. I haven’t upgraded in a few years.

I am currently on V Carve Desktop 11

I think I’m back on 8 or 9

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