Making surfboard ribs

Is there a document that , I have imported a trace file, how to modify a pattern I’ve imported?

If your talking about Easel then you will have to use basic shapes and combine them to do cuts and adds to the pattern. Using zero depth object and sending them to the top then combine them will cut.
Same goes with depth that is not zero. It will add to the pattern.
Other applications such as Inkscape use vector handles and splines to control shapes.

Here is an Easel example pic: The first is after using combine and the selected square and circle is what you set up prior to combining. This will allow you to cut out areas you do not want on the pattern.

You can get very cleaver too:
Using the 2 apps: Replicate then Replicate and then Text rotate

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here are some more examples:

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thanks. I’ve been tinkering with Trace and taking a picture of a rib, importing it into Easel gives me a good starting point. Thanks.

Your welcome. :slight_smile: