Making this in 3D any suggestions guys?

good day ladies & gentlemen been asked to make this for an injured soldier any ideas how i can get this to look like the original what it 3d if this makes sense to you guys would i be able to make this in easel

Using a V-engraving, such as is afforded by F-engrave would work after one added and additional surrounding geometry to reverse it (or inverted it):

If you broke the job up into multiple levels / sections you could enhance the 3D effect.

You would want to re-draw it though, since some bits of lettering want to be raised, while others are intended to be incised and some sections which ought to be solid are rendered as a double-outline,

You are not going to be able to use Easel, A program like Aspire would be able to create the 3D elements, but it would be a time consuming design to copy. I would definitely make it as separate components and then glue it together.

How big are you planning for the finished piece to be?