Makita resources, some help needed

The guy at Elaire got back to me and had changed his position after having another look at it.

Apparently this site had misinformed him about the capacity of the machine:

The schematic from this site(which refuses to show in my pdf reader) convinced him that Elaires collets will fit my makita:

I shall not pretend to understand what that fuzz was about - as long as it works I am happy. :wink:

Thanks all for your input! :smiley:

I recommend getting the 1/4 inch collet. That way you can use 1/4 inch endmills. When milling you want to use the shortest and biggest bit you possibly can, and there’s so many 1/4 inch mills on amazon, that’s what I would do.

Even if you have the stock 1/4" collet, it’s worth getting the Elaire collet — it’s made to a very high standard for precision and seems to cut better.

I did order the 1/4" collet in addition to the 1/8" from Elaire. Have a big wasteboard cleaning bit lying here that is 0.35mm too big to fit in my current 6mm collet.

New collets should arrive in a week or two. Gives me time to nag my friend into getting those DeWalt 611 spindle mount spacers printed so I can mount the Makita.

Once all is up and running it is time to go nuts on amazon and order bits! Looking forward to that :slight_smile:

Please note that the Makita and Dewalt have different diameters.

My Makita measured ~64.5mm (spec. is 65 if memory serves), while the Dewalt is specced at 69mm diameter.

I had to fashion an aluminum adapter to make up for this on my SO3’s spindle mount (which is intended for a DWP611).

If your interested, I’m have some Makita spindle mounts made. $76 shipped. I’m sold out at the moment but will have more in a week or two.

Thanks for the offer John, but I have a Dewalt 611 Mount already. An hour ago I got a Message that the spacers for it are finished in the 3d printer.

I hope to pick them up this evening.

What was your shim thickness? From the measurements I found on here the shim should be 2mm, is this what you found? How does yours fit/look do you have any photos?

If by shim, you mean the 3d printed spacer used to fill out the Dewalt mount here is a couple pictures.

I do not remember the thickness of it. It was hard work putting it on the Makita, but the whole thing slid easily into the dewalt mount afterwards. A little bit of tightening the screws on the mount and good to go.

I’m not taking it off to measure it, that’s for sure :wink:

But I’ll see if I can get the measurements from the .STL file (it is linked to somewhere here on the forum )

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I made a shim out of 2.75" aluminum pipe: — 16 gauge (~0.065", it was ~1.651mm thick) it would’ve been better at 2mm thick (if I could’ve gotten that to fit — still not sure if it would, and still debating about buying a 2mm thick pipe).

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That would be awesome thanks! Looks great!

16 (0.0598, non coated) or 14 (0.0747, non coated) gauge was what I was going to look into. I think 14 gauge would be perfect as is just slightly under 2mm. I guess I’ll have to wait and see once my Makita gets in!

According to the .STL, imported to sketchup, the thickness is 1.5mm

Nice, thanks!

If you also have the standard 24v router from inventables, there is a R11 1/8 collet in it and that will fit in you’re makita rt0700c.
It works for me
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Hi @JBoer,

Can you try and post those again. You have to wait until it finished uploading before clicking “Reply”

I find that pretty unlikely, given that the Precise Bits folks stated that they couldn’t justify making collets for the Makita.

Do you have accurate drawings which show parts dimensions and more importantly angles as compatible?

Fitting, and working properly, clamping things so to avoid unnecessary wear are two entirely different things.

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you could also buy a Extention Collet Chuck. but this works for me even whit 3000 rpm, if you go higher than 5000 rpm its better to have a perfect fitting cone shape.
Whit the makita and a R11 collet it’s clamped in the cone of the makita and you center it whit the nut

Interesting… Going to check this when I get home.