Makita Router Mount

So I just got the makita RT0701C router today, and I have to say I’m really impressed with it over the stock spindle I got with my X-Carve, I just wanted to know if Inventables sold a mount for it in their store so I could order one today for it.

Like would their universal router mount work with it? Or any other mount they carry?


This thread might help: Convince me, Dewalt 611 or 400w Quiet cut?

That’s one happy customer!

Indeed! This router kills! the 611 mount is the way to go. Its strong and looks nice, all you need is a little shimming, which you can 3d print, or I used a roll of polycarb sheet that I just wrapped around the spindle.

I used a short length cut from aluminum pipe as a shim. U.S. Gauge, metric thickness 2mm would likely work better