Makita RT0701 vs. Dewalt 611

I’ve been hearing good things about the Makita RT0701 but I have never used one myself. Has anyone tried both?

Are there advantages or disadvantages when using one vs. the other on an X-Carve?

I don’t have both.

Makita is:

will run at a lower rpm (8600 with stock machine, manufacturer states lowest rpm 10000)
built-in circuit to maintain rpm with varying load
can be used with the 611 mount (shim required)
can change brushes without opening case

I’m modifying mine to operate with G-code rpm selection (special hardware required)

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what are you using to set the RPM with g-code?

I’ve developed some custom circuitry and software to control the RPM based on either PWM input or 0-10V. The 0-10V still requires the PWM signal (or on/off pin from grbl) to co-ordinate with grbl for M3/M4/M5.

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That’s really interesting. I was thinking of using one of the triacs I have lying around with a photocoupler and a basic dimming circuit to do something similar to this, but haven’t looked much more into it yet.

I would love to hear more about what you are doing if you feel comfortable with sharing.

I haven’t used both on the X-Carve, but I went with the Makita for its lower potential RPM. This helps with aluminum and wax and acrylics… it also helps when I need to slow the cuts down for more precision.

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Does the Makita cool (blow air) out the bottom like the 611?

Yes, airflow comes out across the collet.

Do you know of any where it doesn’t do that? It makes a huge mess :slight_smile:

Real spindles such as the Kress:

Sorry I know that I meant in the palm router category

Wait. M4? So you can also run this counter clockwise?

No, I don’t know of any that don’t. The motors need a fan to keep them cool and I think the idea is that the router will also blow the chips away so that you can see what you are doing. In the CNC world you don’t need to see.

Yes sir!

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