Makita RT0701C

Hello Carvers!

I am thinking about buying this router:

Its the cheapest alternative to Dewalt in my country.

My question is, do Inventables offer any mounts that will fit it?

Thank you.

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It is nice Router with 1/4 " Colette. I’ve seen people buying this and ordering Bosh Cold mouth and using couple shims to hold down. Inventables have only Dewalt mouths and Bosh Colt mouth as far as I know.
Adding one more info, You can’t use 1/8 bits with this router. You have to buy adapter (Not Colette) here is the link incase you need;

Thank you!

I am just a little worried about the “shimming” of the colt mount… can you advice?

I would recomend using this collet:

I use it with mine and I’m very happy with it.


Is it possible to use this router and control it with the x carve electronics by using one of the solid state relays that Inventables sells? Seems like the electronics would send the signal to the relay which would in turn control the router. Sorry for the Noob question.

That’s what I’m doing. I used 24V DC output goes to DC spindle, use it for Solid State Relay’s control. Anytime job starts starts your router and stops when job finished.

Perfect! That’s what I want to do. I bought the X Carve spindle, but I’m wondering if I could run jobs faster with a little bigger router. It looks like there are a lot of collet adapters for this as well.

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I’m in pretty much the same situation where the RT0700cx is the only option in the country (Australia). With the Bosch Colt mount being out of stock, any other ideas on mounting it?

The DW611 mount looks to be ~1-1.5mm too small - some light filing might take care of that.

Y have thath router and i have design and cut mi own mount whit the dremel on HDPE, i can share the SVG if you like, look for my proyects there are pictures there buy the file is incomplete i will update the file…

That’d be great, thanks!

All ready update the file look for it on projects on easel, cut you own on hdpe or any material you like, let me know if you have any problems i may can cut one for you an send it to you

Hey FedericoArroyo,

Is there a way I can contact you? I’d like to have you make me a mount if possible? Let me know if you can make one for me?

Send me your email ! yes i may can help you.

fastgoodies at yahoo

Has anyone tried to convert one of these Makitas to an ER Collet, is that something you could do? I just ordered one of these and I’m starting to look into the accessories! Down the rabbit hole I go!

I am just using some rather expensive reducers, made in Germany, works great.

I just ordered a reducer (very inexpensive), but it seems like it would be simple enough to convert it over the an ER collet system. I’ve been searching for what the actual thread specification is on the stock collet nut, but unfortunate found nothing.

Did you try this company. May have Makita collets as well.

Yup I saw that further up in this thread. I’m still curious about an attempt to convert over to an ER collet which is a more industry standard and readily available collet system.

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Does anyone know what the thread specification is on the Makita?