Makita RT701 vs DeWalt DWP611

I have on my CNC a DeWalt DWP611 and it has broken down and can’t find a replacement.

Makita RT701 is another I can buy but it has a Dia of 65mm where the DeWalt has a Dia of 69mm

Do they make a sleeve that you can slide on the Makita to bring it up to 69mm

I saw a video some time ago where one was done on a printer.


You could do that or take a couple of soda cans and use the aluminium as shims.

The Makita is a better router for the Xcarve, not in terms of quality which is similar but for the following two reasons:

  • The minimum RPM is about 10k, compared to Dewalts 16k minimum.
  • The brushes seem to last longer compared to the Dewalt.

Disclaimer, I have the Makita myself and have never used the Dewalt.
My opinion is based on what I have seen reported in this forum :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply. I had a DeWalt DWP611 on my machine and the seller of the machine said it’s not covered by him so I started looking for another. Found the Makita R701 and figured that would be better since all the hardware stores up here carry the carbon brushes for those but none for the DeWalt. So I ordered the Makita for $ 48 sounds to good to be true so it probably is but they said it shipped. Ordered brushes (4) on Amazon and they will be here next Wednesday. Started in my spare time now that I have plenty looking for another DWP611. DeWalt, Amazon, eBay and many more don’t have any. Checked in a local store 30 miles from me and they had one on display. Wow great so I bought it. Will use one of them in the cellar this winter here in Maine as just what it is a router.

You are 100% correct in what you say about the DeWalt I only had it for 6 weeks and the brushes were worn down enough so it wouldn’t run. Others have said that they only run theirs on level one. And I had mine up around 4 or 5 sometimes. If I would have known all this before I spent all that money on a big machine I would have ordered it with a Makita. Thanks again for your response. Dan