Makita Upgrade

If anyone is considering making the switch to the Makita RT0701C router, I would highly recommend it. I started out with the Dewalt 611 and it works just fine. However, the Makita has some features that I like much better.

I used the Dewalt mount and had the 3D spacer printed on That was an easy process and cost me $11.

The Dewalt collet nut was a pain in the butt. It isn’t a 6 sided nut, so with my dust boot, it was a pain to get the wrench on sometimes. Also, the nut would get tight again after the initial loosening. That may have been just my router, but quick bit changes never happened. The Makita is a 6 sided nut and loosens and tightens like butter.

The 10,00-30,000 rpm range works much better for me. I’m rarely over 16k, which is the minimum for the Dewalt.

The Makita is way way quiter than the Dewalt. I’m sure it’s partly because I’m running at much lower rpm, but even at equal rpm, it is noticeably quiter.

The brushes are easily replaceable on the Makita without removing the tool. I’m not sure exactly how long they will last, but after running some 16-18 hour jobs, I bet I’ll be replacing them in a year or 2.

I bought a 1/8" collet from eclaire corp and it seems to have minimal runout.

I haven’t found any downsides to the Makita. It is lighter as well. I thought I would share my experience as case anyone was contemplating the Makita.



I have a Makita with the same 1/8 collect on my 500mm machine and I agree with your Makita statements 100%.
It’s a nice router and works great as a spindle. Quiet, easy to change, etc…
The DW611 may be a better HAND router, but I think the Makita is better for CNC usage.
With all that said, my new machine will be using the DW611, but unfortunately it is not finished being built yet.
Once I do that I will try and post my opinions on the differences of the two.
If I don’t like the DW611 for CNC usage, it is not a wasted investment. Using it for a trim router is awesome. The LED’s and depth adjust are great.

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I agree with that as well. I’m using my Dewalt as a trim router and I really like it for that. I’m happy with both routers.


I’m running the Makita with a 1/4" to 1/8" collet adapter. Not as good a solution as the Eclaire collet but so far, no run-out problems.

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I have an adaptor from my Dewalt that works good too. Most of my bits are 1/8" so I thought it was easier to change over to an 1/8" collet rather than changing the adapter on every bit. Plus I know I’m gonna lose that adapter at the worst time. Accidentally throw it away with a broken bit or something stupid like that. Not that I can’t lose the collet either though. Ha!

My organizational skills are terrible at best.


I’d like the Eclaire 1/8" collet but with current exchange rate and shipping, it’s too expensive.

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