Makitta Bliss

Wow, I cannot imagine the difference. I have made MANY, MANY upgrades to my shapoko. The first upgrade was from shapoko to x-carve, I stiffened the machine, rebuilt all of the axis to screw drive and linear bearings, got one of the first x-controllers, and tried two different systems to slow the DeWalt rotation so that I could mill aluminum. For a couple of years it looked like you could launch a shuttle from the switchgear I amassed. I just purchased the upgrade to Makita. Holy mackeral, the difference is like day and night. I need 12,000 rpm and the Makita will do 10000 rpm easily. The aluminum does not get warm without dust collection or lubricant and the chips are the perfect size. Wow, if you are struggling with DeWalt’s fast speed, before you invest a bunch of money in aftermarket speed control, I would advise getting a Makita for a spindle. I don’t know what kind of wear I am going to get on the brushes or even where I can get replacement brushes, but I wasted so much work; I will be money ahead if it blows up every year.

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