Male Header Connectors & Gshield?

Am I missing some instructions on how to attached the male header connectors to the G-shield? go down to step 5 in this section and you will see you need to solder them on

Lol… This is gonna be a comedy of errors! I love how the guy in the video makes it look so easy… I should order 10 G-shield ms now…

Maybe a few beer first will help!?

:grinning:Yup kinda messy.

I picked up a soldering iron for 3 bucks at harbor fright ( yeah, I spelled that right). It has a needle pointed tip and gets into the small spaces like what we see there . I usually touch the iron to the pin, warm it a bit and melt the solder onto tje iron letting it flow to the pin and getting off of it almost immediately.

Takes a bit of practice but once you figure it out it becomes natural.

“A” beer beforehand cant hurt either…