Malfunctioning and losing steps

Please anybody give me a hand, today I screwed up, when I was looking for the homing point, I don’t have zero probe, so I forgot I had 1 inch travelling option choosed, so I push the down arrow button and the spindle was forced into the material, and even worst, in my desperation, I push de Y arrow back button, please don’t laugh at me, I feel embarrased telling You this, anyway, after that, router satrted to work real bad, losing steps dramactic.what can I do?

If your belts are tight, I wonder if you wrecked a pully.

Maybe as a test, in easel act like you are going to carve. Use the jog controls and make sure it moves the given amount for several rotations… like if you are set to move 1 inch, make sure you move by 1 inch several times.

Mike thanks, I did it, and it did fine, now I opened the arduino and I found a wire losen in the x controller, well not well connected, may be it is one cause?

Too many wires to really know, which pin did it go to or have a detailed picture?

mike thanks i could find it, there was not one 3 wires losen

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Well that’s good fortune then :slight_smile: it wasn’t anything you did!

Thank God my friend! Mike take a look at my work please, I’d like to see yours, Good NIght, thanks for helping me